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We’re an engine of improvement, innovation, and growth. We believe in results, not reports.

We commit to meeting you on the journey where you are and walking through the messy middle together. We don’t have the answers. But we do have a way to get there together.

We help organizations out of crisis. Strategy to execution. We co-lead and manage large-scale transformations until the job is done.

We leverage our expertise in the public sector to drive focus, increase efficiencies and produce results.


Our team acts as your strategic partner.

We help to bring clarity to chaos.

We work with your team to develop essential elements of an effective strategy:

Clarify your 10-year story - What are your values, and what impact do you want to make? 

Clearly define your goals and objectives in both the short and long-term.

Understand and optimize your HR and resourcing plan.

Understand your customers/clients and what they value and then articulate how you provide what they value.

Optimize stakeholder
engagement and buy-in.

Develop a schedule of strategic activities.

Develop a mechanism to collect, analyze, and leverage the data that matters.

Develop a meeting cadence and agendas to
remove barriers.


Your plan is only as good as your questions. Your vision is only as good as your grasp of the market.

Execution comes down to your ability to translate your intention into action. 


When you partner with Symplicity, we'll leverage our RDP (rapid deployment methodology) to identify constraints and scope what is required to remove them in rapid sprints, leveraging the time-tested DMAIC methodology.

During this 11-day engagement, we'll explore the key elements of our program: performance excellence, project management, and leading change.


The schedule will include:

4 days: explore the as-is processes and identify challenges and opportunities, then leverage tools and analyze the data to determine where the largest opportunities for improvement lie.

3 days: develop an improvement plan, identify risks, min and max returns for completing the identified improvements, coach you through key elements leading change to ensure that your team and your projects are set up for success, and work through the improvements with your team.

4 days: anchor the improvements in control and set up daily management to ensure they remain in control.


Once improvements have been identified, they are typically executed in 1 - 3 weeks


Many organizations put time, money, and people into projects for improvement, but the majority never bring the intended change. We train Change Leaders in your organization so they can lead improvement projects, get results and make them stick. 


We believe that business can be used as a force for good and do so by operating on a triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit. As a certified B-Corp, we hope to inspire sustainable improvements and innovation in business, government, and communities.


Our frontline leader program trains your team, who are on the frontlines of your business every day, in concepts like:

Understand performance excellence.

Identify waste.

Understand the key components of daily management, including leveraging PDCA (plan, do, check, act) meetings, visuals, and management by walking around to better understand the team and their needs.

This program will help ensure your teams on the ground are operating from the same playbook as those in the management seats. 

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