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The Seven Core Metrics of HR - Don't Miss Out on Talent

Here are three of this month's important ideas you might have missed...

1. We Are in a War for Talent The next two decades are shaping up to be more difficult to get the people equation right than ever before. For small businesses, who you hire, fire, promote, and what you tolerate will make or break your organization. The smaller you are, the more true this is. For most, HR is hard to measure. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are the seven core metrics of HR. Do you know your numbers? 2. "We Are Not Hardwired to Confront Failure Thoughtfully. We Have to Learn to Do it."

Amy Edmondson is the most important voice on creating psychological safety. Google studied high-performing teams for 5 years and could not figure it out - Until they came across Amy’s work on Psychological Safety - Do you have the type of environment where we can talk openly about all the mistakes and blunders and work together to fix them faster?  Amy’s newest book The Right Kind of Wrong is nicely summarized in this wonderful sketchnote here. 3. "Move Fast and Break Things" That was the motto of Silicon Valley as they rushed to scale organizations regardless of the impact. Now we’re dealing with the secondary and tertiary consequences of thoughtless scale - Echo chambers on Facebook leading to polarization, loneliness and despair, rising housing costs as a result of Airbnb, and countless other consequences of the “Damn the Torpedoes approach.” When Frances Frei and Anne Morriss release a book, I read it. They only write on the most important organizational topics. Move Fast and Fix Things is their newest. Fix stands for Fast, Iterative, Excellence. Take a look at the FIX model and Scaling expert Verne Harnish wonderful brief summary of their newest work. Where is your organization?


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


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