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Is How You're Showing Up as a Leader Helping Your Cause?

1. True Transformation is hard work.

You must articulate the future state of your organization. What is your purpose? What are you building? What are the values that will guide the journey?

And then you must settle on the strategic crux. What is truly getting in the way? Have you distilled the hundreds of possibilities to the single crux? And then you must lead. Leadership requires steadfast belief in better days while never ignoring the reality of today. You must repeat the transformation story over and over again. And you must dedicate your time and energy to the people and moments that move the change forward.

2. How are you showing up as a leader?

Your initial reaction matters a lot. Are you calm? Explosive? Quick to Judgement? Curious? How are you reacting to mistakes? How are you reacting to less than ideal results?

How you show up matters a great deal. It sets the stage for trust, transparency, and growth. Or it creates a caustic and fear based culture devoid of trust.

In a world that is changing rapidly, only those organizations that can build and maintain trust can change fast enough to keep up. 3. What needs more attention right now?

Clarity of purpose? Clarity of action? Or Consistency from your leadership?

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