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The Power of Separation Season

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1. Keeping Momentum During the Summer Months

Let's face it, the summer is a tough time to keep projects moving forward. One study reported a 20% decline in workplace productivity, a 19% drop in employee attendance, a 13% increase in time to complete projects, and lunches that take 2.6x the normal time. Research has shown that children lose up to 40% of their learning over the 2-month summer break.

These time periods, while others are going backward, are what I like to call separation season. While the rest of the world is slowed down by the summer lull, you can keep the momentum going by:

1. Having a plan translated into a schedule. 2. Making sure to have redundancy in key roles. 3. Modelling the way (keep your schedule, your commitments, and ensure you have a replacement for your vacation).

Admittedly, this would have been a better conversation in June. But you have 4 weeks of summer left and a chance to rightsize the results and projects you’re responsible for. 2. Discomfort is Not Inherently Negative The reality is that discomfort often marks the beginning of a change. Discomfort is merely the feeling we get when we are outside our comfort zone.

The root of all positive change begins with discomfort. The obstacle is not in the way; it generally is the way.

3. High Performance Has Much More to Do With Our Bad Days Than Our Good Days Anybody can show up when they're motivated. It's what we do on the days that we're not feeling it that makes all the difference in the world. It's about ensuring you can still show up on your bad days.

Remember, normally action leads to motivation. The first step leads to a run. That first sentence leads to a chapter.

Consistency always beats intensity. And with consistency, over time, you get the value of compounding. The great irony is that success is about how you show up on your off days.

Focus on bringing up the floor, and the ceiling will naturally rise.


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